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What to expect from your Keratin Complex Smoothing Treatments

28 Oct

So you have done your research and decided to jump on the Keratin bandwagon.

What can you expect going into the service and thereafter?

Before and After

Before and After Natural Keratin Smoothing Treatment

Read on to find out what you can expect from when you sit in the chair to the weeks and months after.

If your stylist has decided you are a good candidate for

The Natural Keratin Smoothing Treatment,  you can expect:

  • 95% of frizz eliminated from the hair.
  • 30% less curl in the hair.
  • Styling and blowdrying time cut in half.
  • Locks in color services for a more vibrant intense color result.
  • Lasts 3-5 months.

The entire service takes about 2-2 1/2 hours.

Your post-service at home care:

  • Do not wash hair for 72 hours.
  • If the hair for any reason should get wet or creased, immediately dry and flat iron.
  • Refrain from putting anything in the hair that will leave a crease or dent.
  • Wait two weeks before coloring your hair (or color hair the same day before your treatment).

Maybe you aren’t ready to fully commit to the full treatment,

The Express Blow Out is a great option, you can expect:

  • A smoothing treatment that reduces frizz and curl in just one hour.
  • Hair can be washed in just 8 hours after treatment.
  • Results last 6-8 weeks.
  • Color your hair same day, immediately before treatment.

Bamboo is offering great specials on both treatments beginning November 1st.

Keratin Thursdays

The Natural Smoothing Treatment: $185

any other day $250 includes Keratin Shampoo and Conditioner

The Express Blowout: $75 with any Color Service

any other day $125

Click the link below to book your Keratin Experience with us!!


Love and great hair,



All Keratin is NOT created equally.

18 Oct

KERATIN. It is literally everywhere and in everything (supposedly) when it comes to haircare.

But what is it exactly? Do you need it? How do you tell what products are worth splurging on?

Firstly, Keratin is a protein that your hair is made up of. After years of shampooing (with some not so great products, you know who you are, but we forgive you and are here to help), coloring, sun exposure, age, etc. you loose keratin.

Secondly, There are four places from which keratin is derived. They are human, plant, animal, and synthetic. So which is the best and which is just downright dirty? Lets just say synthetic is our least favorite. Our most favorite is ANIMAL!! and why? Animal keratin comes from sheeps’ wool. It has the same molecular structure as human keratin and when it is applied to human hair, you guessed it! a perfect match!! But what about the poor sheep you ask? In order to extract the keratin from the sheep’s wool, the sheep need to be sheered, if the sheep aren’t sheered they suffocate and die! So there you have it my friends, doing something great for your hair and saving the sheep at the same time 😉

Okay, so now you know what keratin is, that there are different kinds of keratin, and where the good kind comes from.

So where do you get the good stuff?

Two words..

Keratin Complex

Keratin Complex launched in 2007 and has been leading the market in Keratin Smoothing Therapy year after year. They offer the absolute highest grade of keratin there is. We at Bamboo Salon, have been offering the Keratin Complex Natural Smoothing Treatment since 2007 and have had great success with it ever since. The results speak for themselves: Shiny, silky, smooth hair, enhanced color, styling time cut in half, and eliminates 95% of frizz. Sounds pretty awesome? IT IS.

Let me quickly clear up any concerns about formaldehyde, because there is a lot of talk about that too. In Keratin Complex, there is absolutely NONE, whatsoever. The product has aldehyde which is a natural preservative that can be found in most cosmetics.

So there you have it. All keratin is NOT created equally.

Love and thanks,


Check back next week for more on Keratin Complex..