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a new chapter..

10 Aug

Hey Bamboo Beauties!!! It’s been a while since I have last posted I know! But I wanted to check in and tell you what we have been up to!! After a busy Holiday season, we closed the last week in January and began our renovations!! With just under a week to get all of the old out and the new in, we completed our first phase of remodeling. New fixtures went up, new salon furnishing went in (compliments of Takara Belmont), a new custom seating area and reception desk installed, fresh coats of paint on the walls and custom filled vases from Carroll’s dress the stylist stations. We brought in one of our favorite photogs, Charley Sweet, for a photoshoot of the new space and some team pictures! Here are just a few for you to check out!!


Action shot! Louis and Lisa pose for Charley..






Just this past week we began our second phase of renovation, our lower level, complete with a bigger brighter brand new makeup studio! Pics to come! We are still not totally done, but it is coming out great!!! We are excited about our new space and what the future holds for us!! We hope that you like the new look as much as we do and as always we welcome your feedback!! Leave a comment, tell us what you think!!

Love and Great Hair,



myself and my mom, Caryann, Bamboo Salon Owner


Closing for Renovations!! A New Beginning for the Bamboo Salon Team!

23 Jan

Hey All!!

Hope everyone had a fabulous Holiday Season! Wishing everyone a Happy and Healthy New Year!

Speaking of New Year, boy is it going to be a great one for Bamboo!! This Saturday we will be closing our doors for just under a week and completely renovating and revamping our space!! How exciting!?!?! It has been 11 and 1/2 incredible years in this space that we have now, but it is time for new, time for change, and time for growth!!

For those of you who don’t already know, we entered last January, a Nation-wide competition called Salon Today Total Makeover. The prize package was worth $30,000 in education, salon equipment, interior design service and product!!! We applied to the competition, showcasing images of our salon and writing an essay displaying our strong desire to grow and take our Salon to the next level. Low and behold we were selected!

Fast-foward to today we are well under way with our training behind the scenes and just on the brink of beginning the physical transformation. We have already had two classes with Keratin Complex re-certifying everyone in their Smoothing Treatments, as well as a Haircolor class with Elite Inspiration team member, Niki Galanomatis. The Salon Team also had the pleasure of meeting Jeff Mason President of STX Salon Software. He and his team member Matt flew in from Florida to spend the day with us. Jeff taught his class the Five Principles of Success, which was incredibly motivational and inspirational to say the least!!

The salon will be closed this Saturday the 24th -Friday the 30th, and re-open Saturday, January 31st.

What you can expect..without giving too much away 😉

A brighter, more modern, cushy space, with sophisticated design details compliments of our incredible designers at Takara Belmont, Lauren Hrusovsky and Michelle Koster.

Looking forward to greeting you in our newly designed space!!

Bamboo Salon Team featured in the January Issue of Modern Salon Magazine as winners of the Salon Today Total Makeover Competition!!

Bamboo Salon Team featured in the January Issue of Modern Salon Magazine as winners of the Salon Today Total Makeover Competition!!

Love and Great Hair,


All Keratin is NOT created equally.

18 Oct

KERATIN. It is literally everywhere and in everything (supposedly) when it comes to haircare.

But what is it exactly? Do you need it? How do you tell what products are worth splurging on?

Firstly, Keratin is a protein that your hair is made up of. After years of shampooing (with some not so great products, you know who you are, but we forgive you and are here to help), coloring, sun exposure, age, etc. you loose keratin.

Secondly, There are four places from which keratin is derived. They are human, plant, animal, and synthetic. So which is the best and which is just downright dirty? Lets just say synthetic is our least favorite. Our most favorite is ANIMAL!! and why? Animal keratin comes from sheeps’ wool. It has the same molecular structure as human keratin and when it is applied to human hair, you guessed it! a perfect match!! But what about the poor sheep you ask? In order to extract the keratin from the sheep’s wool, the sheep need to be sheered, if the sheep aren’t sheered they suffocate and die! So there you have it my friends, doing something great for your hair and saving the sheep at the same time 😉

Okay, so now you know what keratin is, that there are different kinds of keratin, and where the good kind comes from.

So where do you get the good stuff?

Two words..

Keratin Complex

Keratin Complex launched in 2007 and has been leading the market in Keratin Smoothing Therapy year after year. They offer the absolute highest grade of keratin there is. We at Bamboo Salon, have been offering the Keratin Complex Natural Smoothing Treatment since 2007 and have had great success with it ever since. The results speak for themselves: Shiny, silky, smooth hair, enhanced color, styling time cut in half, and eliminates 95% of frizz. Sounds pretty awesome? IT IS.

Let me quickly clear up any concerns about formaldehyde, because there is a lot of talk about that too. In Keratin Complex, there is absolutely NONE, whatsoever. The product has aldehyde which is a natural preservative that can be found in most cosmetics.

So there you have it. All keratin is NOT created equally.

Love and thanks,


Check back next week for more on Keratin Complex..

Brushing Up On Your Blow Drying Skills

23 Sep

Fall is in the air, to me that means perfect weather for a nice blowout!! Brush up on your blowdrying skills with me!!

amandainto's Blog

This time of year, we tend to be blow drying our locks much more often than in the warmer months. Our hair can take a beaten with all this extra heat being applied. So, for that reason, I would like to share some blow drying tips with you. Hopefully this step-by-step guide will work out any kinks.. in your routine that is.

You will need: Blow dryer with nozzle attachment, round ceramic brush (size of brush depends on length of hair), smoothing cream or leave-in conditioner, and finishing oil.

Step 1: After showering, blot hair dry with a towel.


Try not to rough up your hair too much as this will cause unnecessary frizz in the hair.

Rough dry your hair with the blow dryer and just your hands.


For normal hair, remove 80% of the moisture. For wavy/curly hair, remove 30% of the moisture.

Step 2: Apply your favorite leave-in…

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