Brushing Up On Your Blow Drying Skills

27 Jan

This time of year, we tend to be blow drying our locks much more often than in the warmer months. Our hair can take a beaten with all this extra heat being applied. So, for that reason, I would like to share some blow drying tips with you. Hopefully this step-by-step guide will work out any kinks.. in your routine that is.

You will need: Blow dryer with nozzle attachment, round ceramic brush (size of brush depends on length of hair), smoothing cream or leave-in conditioner, and finishing oil.

Step 1: After showering, blot hair dry with a towel.


Try not to rough up your hair too much as this will cause unnecessary frizz in the hair.

Rough dry your hair with the blow dryer and just your hands.


For normal hair, remove 80% of the moisture. For wavy/curly hair, remove 30% of the moisture.

Step 2: Apply your favorite leave-in conditioner or smoothing cream. This will make your blowdrying so much easier! (Product used here.. Smooth Ultime by L’oreal Professional)


Step 3: Section off your hair from top of ear to top ear.  Split the section in two working in a downward manner from the root. Work the root area using a bit of tension in the hair. Hair at the root should be smooth and dry before proceeding toward the midshaft and ends of hair. Continue this process working in 2-3inch sections up the head (depending on thickness of hair)


Stylist Tip: When moving on to the next section, include a piece of the previously dried section. The dry hair will help the brush glide through the hair more easily.

Step 4: As you work towards to front of your head, you will find more cowlicks and whirls in the hair. In order to combat these whacky waves, if you blow dry the hair in one direction, be sure to blow dry the hair in the other direction as well. This back and forth style of blowdrying will help to smooth the hair out and help it lay more naturally.


Step 5: Once hair is completely dried, use the cool setting on the blow dryer with your hands and just quickly run it through your hair. This will lock in the style you’ve just created.

Step 6: Finally, take one pump of your favorite finishing oil and working from the ends up, run through your hair to smooth away any frizz. We love Mythic Oil by L’oreal Professional!


All Products used in this demo including brushes and blowdryer, are available for purchase at

Bamboo Salon 

3487 Richmond Road

Staten Island, NY 10306

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    Fall is in the air, to me that means perfect weather for a nice blowout!! Brush up on your blowdrying skills with me!!

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