Making Waves.

26 Mar


If you have picked up a Fashion Magazine lately, turned on the television, or looked at the girl or young woman sitting next to you while out at dinner, you have seen it. The Wave. It has taken on a life of its’ own. Tight and curly, loose and tousled, beachy and unkempt.

Yes, there are those few who roll out of bed and look fabulous. But, not all of us can be so lucky. You may have heard something like this before.. “Go to bed with a damp head, wrap it up in a bun, take it down in the morning and shake it out! ” Sure this sounds great.. but let’s just say.. easier said than done. There are other ways to go about making those beautiful waves with the help of some pretty awesome hot tools.

Cue the Wand. Yes, a wand. It looks as you would imagine and you just may feel like a magician with one in hand! Wands come in all shapes and sizes and thusly create different kinds of waves. A few key points: They are meant to be used on dry hair. If you have wavy/curly hair already, you can just go over random pieces of your own hair to define and enhance what you already have. If your hair is straighter, take about three sections around the head. (Dividing it into bottom, middle, and top) Using one inch subsections, you carefully wrap the section of hair around the iron and hold for about 10 seconds. The ends should be left out to keep from burning your fingers.

If this sounds like too much work for you no worries; That’s what you have a hairstylist for! In the hands of the right one, well I guess you could say, you have your very own fairy godmother 😉Image

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